• Catalytic Converter Cleaner Mining Catalytic Convertors ...

    This process “converts” these harmful gasses into water vapor and carbon dioxide (CO2). It’s important to understand that converters are most effective when used with engines that have a lean air/fuel mix because this condition provides ample oxygen to “burn” the pollutants. Catalytic

  • DCL International Inc. - Catalytic Converters

    Common applications include mining, construction and earth moving vehicles, or almost any off-highway diesel powered vehicle. MINE-X® catalytic converters are ideal for installation on vehicles where rapid and easy retrofit of an emission control catalyst is required. FEATURES

  • How to Recycle Catalytic Converters RecycleNation

    12/05/2015  How to Recycle Catalytic Converters . You may not realize it, but catalytic converters contain a host of precious metals. So, instead of tossing them out, recycle them! During the Great Recession articles started popping up about people stealing catalytic converters from cars. While this may seem like a pretty strange crime, there was a real reason thieves targeted this small device

  • Mining Platinum from a Catalytic Converter with a 60,000 ...

    15/03/2019  Mining Platinum from a Catalytic Converter with a 60,000 PSI Waterjet Waterjet Channel. Loading... Unsubscribe from Waterjet Channel? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working... Subscribe Subscribed ...

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  • Catalytic converter - Wikipedia

    This is because three-way-converters require either rich or stoichiometric combustion to successfully reduce NO x. Although catalytic converters are most commonly applied to exhaust systems in automobiles, they are also used on electrical generators, forklifts, mining equipment, trucks, buses, locomotives, and motorcycles.

  • MINE-X Catalytic Converters for off road and industrial use.

    Mine-x Catalytic Exhaust Purifiers - Off Road. Overview. MINE-X® catalytic converters dramatically reduce carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and exhaust irritants from diesel engine exhaust. Specifically designed for the rugged demands of heavy-duty off-road vehicles, the MINE-X® catalytic converter helps to improve workplace environmental health and provides compliance with most local ...


    The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Platinum 2012 700 Figure 3-Spent catalytic converter The conventional catalytic converter includes three main parts. These are the PGM-containing monolith, the outer steel shell which protects the monolith against external mechanical

  • Are There Precious Metals in Catalytic Converters?

    Platinum Group Metal Recovery from Spent Catalytic Converters . The catalyst component of a catalytic converter is usually platinum (Pt), along with palladium (Pd), and rhodium (Rh). All three of these platinum group metals, or PGMs, are extremely rare but have a broad range of applications in addition to catalytic converters. Determining the ...

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  • What Materials are Used in Catalytic Converters?

    Materials UsedDifferent VariationsEnvironmental ImpactThe catalytic converter is made up of several materials. The catalyst core or substrate varies according to the vehicle. For example, when these devices are used in automotives the core is usually a ceramic monolith with a honeycomb structure.When manufactured in large quantities, ceramic cores can be inexpensive. Metallic foil monoliths are made of iron-chromium-aluminum combination, and used in some applications. Metallic cores are less expensive when manufactured for use in small productio...
  • Catalytic Converters - Hawkeswood Metal Recycling Scrap ...

    Catalytic converters (CATs) As vehicle technology becomes increasingly complicated, an increasing number cars are being fitted with catalytic converters. However, this raises the issue of what happens to these converters at the end of the vehicle’s life. We buy all makes and models of converters We purchase catalytic converters for recycling ...

  • What Materials are Used in Catalytic Converters?

    A catalytic converter is a vehicle emissions control device that is used to convert toxic byproducts of combustion (occurring in the exhaust of an internal combustion engine) to less toxic substances by performing catalysed chemical reactions. The reactions tend to vary depending upon the type of

  • Precious Metal Refining Recovery, Episode 10: Platinum ...

    29/05/2016  Precious Metal From Catalytic Converter - Duration: 20:53. Cody'sLab 1,456,083 views. 20:53. Biggest DIY Copper Melt on YouTube. 60 POUNDS of Copper Into Ingots. FarmCraft101 ...

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  • Catalytic converter - ScienceDaily

    26/10/2017  A catalytic converter is a device used to reduce the emissions from an internal combustion engine. Most commonly used in an automobile's exhaust system, catalytic converters are now commonly used ...

  • Smelting Catalytic Converters Global Refining Group

    Interestingly, mining ore is a major product smelted in the furnaces, while catalyst material is simply added to it in the furnace. With the large volume capacity we are certain we can meet the needs of our customers quickly and efficiently in the area of catalytic converter smelting.

  • Catalytic Converters Exhaust Scrubbers Purifiers ...

    Catalytic Exhaust Products manufacture a full line of high flow diesel catalytic converters, as well as exhaust cleaners, purifiers, scrubbers for different types of engines. We offer the widest range of catalytic converters diesel particulate filter for sale!

  • DCL International Inc. - Catalytic Mufflers

    DCL's MINE-X® catalytic mufflers are direct replacements for the original muffler parts, making retrofit with a catalyst easy. DCL backs every off-road catalytic converter with a comprehensive guarantee of performance and workmanship.

  • Caterpillar Catalytic Converters Emission Control ...

    Get catalytic converters and emission systems of Caterpillar - the global industry leader, from the Catalytic Exhaust website. We offer various deals and discounts for all dealers and contractors. Visit us now to place your order!


    catalytic converters worldwide, given suitable support from the mines and Government. Introduction The catalytic converter industry is arguably one of the biggest success stories of recent South African industrial Policy. There are few, if any, complex, high-volume manufactured products

  • Emission Control Solutions for Mining Industry and

    Mining. As the mining industry’s leader of muffler and retrofit solutions, Nett Technologies has a large selection of 3-Way Catalytic Converters, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to assist with controlling mining emissions.

  • My catalytic converter was stolen, and it made me think

    My catalytic converter was stolen, and it made me think of the ecological cost of owning a car 01/10/2019. Bold 2021 Audi RS3 spotted out on test. 16 classic cars we love in spite of their flaws ...

  • Catalytic Converters for Dealers Catalytic Exhaust ...

    Catalytic Exhaust is the premiere manufacturer of Exhaust Gas Purifiers for any of the gasoline, diesel, or propane fueled engines that power the equipment you distribute. We specialize in off-road vehicles and stationary engines, offering a full line of products that are certified with OSHA, MSHA, NRC, MOL, and other regulatory bodies.

  • Federal Autocat: Catlytic converter recycling, PGM scrap ...

    Federal Autocat Recycling is a cutting edge catalytic converter recycler company driven by personnel with more than 75 years combined experience in PGM scrap recycling.

  • My catalytic converter was stolen, and it made me think

    Opinion My catalytic converter was stolen, and it made me think of the ecological cost of owning a car The recent increase in thefts has been driven by the rise in the price of rhodium, palladium ...

  • Catalytic Converters Maintain Air Quality in Mines

    Airflow Catalyst Systems’ EZ-series of converters, derived from technology developed and licensed by NASA, are used in the exhaust systems of underground diesel mining equipment to purge the air of potentially dangerous fumes. An EZ converter is installed for such an application (inset image).

  • “Platinum palladium recovery from Catalytic converters”

    “Platinum palladium recovery from Catalytic converters” A practical manual for first time refiners by Matthew Wang China.by Matthew Wang China. CCCCopy right 2008, all right reservedopy right 2008, all right reservedopy right 2008, all right reserved

  • Mining Platinum From The Road Hackaday

    06/06/2016  Mining Platinum From The Road. 91 Comments . by: Jenny List. June 6, 2016. For several decades now all petrol-driven motor vehicles have had to feature a catalytic converter

  • Catalytic Converters: Commerce City, CO: Exhaust Pros of ...

    Catalytic converters are intended to reduce a vehicle’s harmful emissions. Catalytic converters are found in buses, trains, generators and mining equipment. Catalytic converter failure will result in a blocked exhaust flow, leading to poor vehicle performance. Catalytic converters are necessary in order to pass vehicle emissions tests.

  • Gold Platinum Recovery Methods Sciencing

    In another technique, sulfuric acid dissolves the ceramic honeycomb, leaving behind the platinum. The ceramic can also be volatized, or turned into a gas or liquid, a process that would leave behind the platinum. Platinum recovery from catalytic converters and electronics components is a much more expensive and difficult process than gold recovery.

  • Vehicle exhaust emission standards - GOV.UK

    20/08/2014  It also contains emissions limits for vehicles fitted with advanced emissions control systems, such as 3-way catalytic converters, and offers general advice to motorists and vehicle operators on ...

  • The palladium price went on a tear in October, but who ...

    13/11/2019  The apparently inexorable rise in the palladium price came to a halt in the second week of November, after peaking at a record 1,804 per ounce on 28

  • Catalytic Converter Market worth $73.1 billion by 2025

    The report "Catalytic Converter Market by Type (FWCC, TWCC, SCR, DOC, and LNT), Material (Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium), Vehicle Type (Passenger Cars, LCV, Bus Truck, Construction, and Agriculture Mining), Aftermarket and Region - Global Forecast to 2025", is estimated to be USD 42.4 billion in 2018 and projected to reach USD 73.1 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 8.10%.

  • Effectiveness of catalytic converters on diesel engines ...

    Oxidizing catalytic converters are sometimes used by underground mine operators as an emission control device to reduce odor, hydrocarbon (hc), and carbon monoxide (co) emissions from diesel equipment. The objectives of this report are to quantitatively assess the effects of catalytic converters


    Did you know that catalytic converters contain Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium which are extremely valuable precious metals that can be recycled? Catalytic converters are emission control devices found in automobiles, motorcycles, electrical generators, mining equipment and other exhaust systems

  • Life cycle assessment of a catalytic converter for ...

    This paper is based on a study on life cycle assessment of a catalytic converter for passenger cars . In order to obtain better and more detailed information, data from the production of the PGEs, the catalytic converter and some of its components that are not accessible at present should be further investigated. The environmental impacts from ...

  • Pouroulis' Karo plans to manufacture catalytic converters ...

    22/05/2018  VETERAN mining enterpreneur, Loucas Pouroulis, wants to use some of the output from a proposed $4.2bn platinum project in Zimbabwe to manufacture catalytic converters, technology that is used to reduce toxic emissions from cars, said Reuters. Citing Zimbabwe mines minister, Winston Chitando, who was commenting in Parliament, Reuters wrote: “One of the players within Karo []

  • Recycling, Not Mining, Is the Future for Securing ...

    The biggest new source for platinum group metals just might be what Jack Lifton calls the rubber tire mine. Noting that removing the catalytic converter from a car's emission system produces a rate of return that rivals the production rates of the South African platinum giants, Byron King agrees that recycling is the wave of the future for platinum, palladium and rhodium.

  • The palladium play - part 1 - MINING.COM

    14/01/2019  While any threat to palladium’s role within catalytic converters could impact its long-term price outlook, our view is that palladium’s fundamentals should remain strong for at least the next ...

  • Do Catalytic Converters still need Platinum? Writing ...

    27/01/2016  Catalytic material developments to reduce the use of platinum group metals. As far back as 2008 the Japanese Mitsui Mining and Smelting Company developed a catalyst that replaced platinum with silver in converters used on diesel engines.

  • Top 10 business risks facing mining and metals 2017–2018

    used in catalytic converters to remove diesel pollution. Other commodities, such as cobalt, lithiumand nickel, will benefit from the increased demand for battery storage. Regulatory risk is new and comes in at number five, although it includes elements of transparency risk. While transparency is still important, there has been a sharp upturn in

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    Utilize these Nett Technologies' conversion calculators to convert your input data into other units of measurement.


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