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    05/11/2019  Attractive Expat and FIFO mining jobs available worldwide.

  • Expatriate compensation - Simon Fraser University

    expatriate compensation that are most prevalent amongst organizations relying heavily on the use of expatriates in their foreign operations. Expatriate compensation: a closer look at the fundamental issues Expatriate compensation has long been a source of frustration for organizations.

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    Expat. Click on the Details/Apply button next to each job to see the full posting jobs, or add the job to your Wish List.Click on the Select Job button next to the jobs that interest you and click View Jobs to see several jobs together.. 21 Jobs found, viewing matches 1 - 10.


    EXPATRIATE PAY - TRENDS, ALLOWANCES AND COMPENSATION BENCHMARKING Presentation to S.A.R.A. Workshop. Global Markets are Changing By 2025 (McKinsey Global Institute) 400 of the world’slargest 600 cities will be in Emerging Markets Africa is booming second fastest growing region in the world over past decade poverty declining gradually Africa will have the world’slargest labour force

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    Expat Job - A compiled list of expat jobs abroad. Find employment opportunities and apply to international job vacancies

  • Expatriate Compensation and Benefits - What to Include in ...

    09/06/2015  At the end of the overseas assignment, the returning expat may find himself or herself without a job in very company that sent them overseas. Of course, expats should discuss this with their employer before accepting any overseas positions and make sure any terms agreed upon are included in the expat compensation package.

  • Expat Mining jobs in Africa - Global Staffing Solutions

    What’s more, expat packages can often be of a higher value in Africa. With flexible FIFO positions in Mining often on offer to expat Mining workers, Expat mining jobs in Africa can be an attractive choice to those with family back home – meaning that family members can stay in their home country.

  • Working in Africa: Expatriates in little danger of seeing ...

    17/05/2012  Working in Africa: Expatriates in little danger of seeing the money run out But they might find they are not as well ‘looked after’ as they have been in the past Share on Twitter (opens new ...


    In an effort to examine current compensation and benefits practices in sub-Saharan Africa, Global Remuneration Solutions, in partnership with Mercer, conducts approximately 26 remuneration and total cash surveys. While the surveys do not garner as many participants in this region as they do in other parts of the world, the findings offer a

  • International Compensation Guidelines for Mining ...

    2014 International Compensation Guidelines for Mining Exploration This exclusive guide provides an inside look at salaries for 2,303 exploration managers, geologists and GIS/drafting personnel working in the industry. In addition to salaries, the report also includes

  • imercer US Homepage

    With dramatic changes in the global workforce, you need to be updated on all the latest trends and shifts in benefit and compensation practices. Find out more about Mercer's human resource consultant and compensation surveys.

  • North America Mining Industry Survey Suite Mercer

    The North America Mining Industry Survey Suite is the premier source of compensation data for mining organizations — featuring both corporate and site locations. With the US portion of this survey, analyze your compensation strategy for your geographic area, type of mine, commodity mined, and mine and organization size. Ensure your workforce ...

  • Ghana Mining 3 - Millennium Promise

    expatriate personnel by Ghanaian personnel and preference for local products, as the context permits (Regs, Art. 28) Minerals and Mining (General) Regulations 2012 (LI 2173) (“Regulations” or “Regs”) Contains the details for provisions in the Act dealing with local content. International law Synopsis – Ghana mining sector!

  • Relocation allowance: what's included and what is it for ...

    Relocation allowance: what's included and what is it for? A relocation package usually covers the costs of relocating an expat and his or her family to the new host country. But what does it include – and what will be extra? Read more

  • Expatriate Compensation, Expat Package - Executive

    For expatriates, these benefits usually result in a substantial boost in net compensation and overall quality of life. For employers, however, the “expat package” can add between US$150K and US$200K per year to the overall cost of the manager – in addition to cash compensation, bonuses and regular benefits. That is an especially large sum ...

  • The benefits of expat mining jobs in Africa - Expat

    Expat Mining Assignments in Africa – A Great Opportunity. In the past 10 or 20 years, there has been a mining boom in Africa as more and more global mining firms have been searching for minerals and setting up producing mines, mostly in very remote regions of the continent. As companies have increased exploration, especially in Central Africa, they have had to recruit expatriate talent from ...

  • What’s Inside an International Compensation Package ...

    Negotiating compensation can be tricky in the US, but if you’re offered an international job, compensation issues grow exponentially more complex. While packages differ by company, some items appear in most international employment offers: a housing allowance, help paying taxes, spousal employment help and trips home. Those extra items can ...

  • Expatriate Training and Development - strategic HR, inc.

    20/06/2011  Question: What are the challenges that lie ahead within the planning and implementation of expatriate training and development efforts? Answer: There are many things that companies could do to enhance ex-pats’ productivity and quality of life during their overseas assignments with carefully planned training and development activities.

  • The pay gap in Latin America is over $90K for ... -

    16/06/2018  The average annual pay for expatriate exploration manager working in Colombia is US$170,000 per year, while the same job for locals pays $76,100. Data was compiled in

  • Expatriate Compensation Packages and Your Expat

    Expatriate compensation packages can vary enormously from company to company and location to location. When negotiating an expat contract that is right for your needs and those of your family, it is important that you carefully consider several factors:

  • unCOMPlicate HR Redefining Simplictiy

    Annabelle has over 20 years of experience in all facets of Human Resources. She specializes in compensation and benefit strategies, design and implementation. Annabelle has HR industry experience working for manufacturing, hospitality, mining, and an international Fortune 500 company, which also exposed her to expatriate compensation. For the ...

  • Three Expatriate Compensation Approaches - MSI GTS

    Expatriate Compensation – A good compensation package is one that is considered fair by an expatriate, but it must also be cost-effective for the organization. It should be planned to achieve the mobility and staffing goals of the organization. There are a few methods commonly used to determine global expatriate compensation. These include ...

  • Expats in Africa earn most, but work world's longest hours

    19/05/2015  Expats in Africa earn most, but work world's longest hours Foreign workers in Nigeria in particular often earn £160,000-plus but work a 48-hour week

  • The pay gap in Latin America is over $90K for ... -

    The average annual pay for expatriate exploration manager working in Colombia is US$170,000 per year, while the same job for locals pays $76,100. Data was compiled in CostMine’s 2014 ...

  • Average Salary in Saudi Arabia 2019

    The hourly wage is the salary paid in one working hour. Usually jobs are classified into two categories: salaried jobs and hourly jobs. Salaried jobs pay a fix amount regardless of the hours worked.

  • Global Mobility Solutions Mercer

    Mercer offers complete global mobility solutions for business, from data to program management and talent strategy. See how we can help your program succeed.

  • TOP 10: Highest Paying Jobs in the Mining Industry Top ...

    The mining industry is a labor-intensive profession. It requires long hours, remote locations and some of the most dangerous conditions possible. The financial benefits, however, are astonishing. Mining salaries in the sector can vary depending on the location, size of the company, years of experience and education of an employee. With that in mind, we rank the top 10 highest paying mining ...

  • Expat Salaries in the Middle East Expat Arrivals

    Healthy economic prospects thanks to its rich oil reserves, accompanied by tax-free salaries and generous employment packages, have continued to attract expats to the Middle East over the past few decades. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are amongst the most popular for highly skilled expats, particularly in the engineering, management, accounting and healthcare sectors.

  • Mining risk management and insurance Gallagher

    Mining is all about taking the right risks. Every mining company has to take calculated risks in order to be successful. For over two decades, Gallagher has helped those with mining operations and investments across the globe to manage risk at all stages of the project lifecycle.

  • 7 Key Components of an International Compensation

    Key components of an international compensation programme are as follows: The major focus of most international compensation programme is to keep international employees at a sufficient financial level during their international assignments so that they do not lose ground economically. Components of an international compensation package, in addition to the normal salary and benefits offered []


    Disclaimer: The Oil Gas Global Salary Guide is representative of a value added service to our clients and candidates. While every care is taken in the collection and compilation of data, the survey is interpretive and indicative, not conclusive. Therefore information should be used as a guideline only and should not be reproduced in

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    The Mercer Mobility Exchange website and its divisional websites may be translated for your convenience using translation software powered by Google Translate, a free online language translation service that can translate text and web pages into different languages.

  • salaries for expats in indonesia - Mining

    28/12/2012  mining expat salary in indonesia-China . Are you looking for the mining expat salary in indonesia? Email to or consulting problem with online customer service for your mining expat

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  • Expatriate Assignment Policies Deloitte UK

    In the attached article which was published in International HR Advisor, Nathan Male and Dave Mantell of our Global Mobility Compensation team consider some of the implications of expatriate policy design on payrolls and how consideration of the operational impact can assist with the challenges in delivering expatriate payroll.

  • Mining Energy and Utilities - Insurance from AIG in Australia

    The risks associated with mining, energy and utilities are complex and diverse, and are often high hazard and high risk. We have served the energy industry for many years and understand the industry and risk-specific legislation, unique duties of care, and sometimes complex systems of management and governance faced by businesses in this industry.

  • African Expatriate Salaries Hit Bottom ... - MINING.COM

    EXPATRIATE salary benchmarks in Africa have reached their low with 75% of companies looking to pay increases in 2017, according to African-specialist HR consultancy firm Globe 24-7.

  • 2017 Construction Mining Industry - Information

    2017 Construction Mining Salary Surveys. The Wynford Group "experts in compensation" are well known for conducting comprehensive compensation surveys for Mining, Construction and other industry sectors. Using our knowledge of the market and input from major companies in the Construction Mining Industry, we have developed these surveys to provide you with the information you need to

  • Expat jobs in mining JobnetAfrica

    Mining is a large sector in quite a few African countries and therefore there are also relatively a lot of expat jobs in mining in Africa. It differs per country what the most popular forms of mining are, but expat jobs in mining can be found in a wide range of mining, for example mining for copper, diamonds, gold and platinum. Mining jobs can ...

  • International Labour Organization

    ILO adopts Abidjan Declaration. The ILO's 14th Africa Regional Meeting has concluded with the adoption of a new declaration calling for investment in decent job creation, the institutions of work and sustainable growth in order to achieve a human-centred future of work in Africa.

  • International Assignment Policy Segmentation

    Flexibility in Mobility Policy As mobility programs grow and new situations arise, companies may need to be flexible on their approach to compensation, even within a policy that includes assignment segmentation. Our whitepaper outlines the considerations, benefits, and drawbacks involved.


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